• Fuvahmulah island is located in the south of Maldives. It is about 4.5km by 1.2km. It is one of the most unique islands in the Maldives.

    It’s only island in the middle of the deep Indian Ocean with no other land in site. There is a submerged reef about 3km long extending toward South East direction. This reef is full of a wide variety on marine life where Thresher sharks and mola molas are also seen.

    On the other end of the island is the famous Thoondu beach with its sparkling pebbles and sand. It’s also the place for surfing and is the only beach break in the country.

    Thoondu Beach

    Thoondu Surf Break

    There are two fresh water lakes in the island.


    Going There

    Fuvahmulah has an airport and flights operate daily between Male’. Flight time is about 1 hour 10 minutes.